Hello! I’m MachoPiika, but feel free to call me either variation of the name.
Thank you for taking time and considering me for commissions.

Freelance Artist || Comm Status:CLOSED

Please completely read the RULES & TOS before commissioning.

About Me
About Me

"Just a little adventurer, out to try all the food in the world."

How long I’ve been drawing:
✿ I’ve been drawing almost all my life. I used to just copy JRPG game covers, and then went on deviantartart to make ocs and make friends! Now I just draw for fun and for money.

✿ I love drawing muscle women and men with big yibby
✿ I like drawing soft lady
✿ World hard and cold, yibby soft and warm

For Streaming:
✿ Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
✿ Elgato Wave 3
✿ Lofree DOT Wireless Keyboard and wireless mouse

What I use to Draw:
✿ Wacom Cintiq 16”
✿ Wacom Express Key Remote for Cintiq & Intuos Pro
✿ Ipad Pro 2021
✿ Apple Pencil Generation 2

Drawing Programs with:
✿Clip Studio Pro
✿Artstudio for Ipad

About Me


A round and bubbly little adventurer who attends Doki Arcana Academia.Her previously nomadic tribe had decided to finally settle down into a quaint little village in the Open Plains. Machan and her twin decided to learn the basics of fighting, spell protection and governing from a well-known school of magical elites. All in order to help protect her village and the sacred land they look after.


Unfortunately, she's become aware of her existence as a character in a harem game. Machan is reaching out through the phone and computer as a means to discover what true love is, and to get to know the dream lover beyond the screen.

About Me
About Me

✿ Machan is a very sweet girl with a large appetite. With what she doesn't have entirely in brains, she makes up in macho strength! ✿


1. PAYPAL ONLY / Lower right icon of the carrd link.2. FULL PAYMENT must be paid and confirmed before the start any commission.
After I contact you about your commission, I will message you once I'm ready to start. Full payment will need to be confirmed before I begin.
3. LEAVE PROPER CONTACT INFO / Must be reachable; Progress shots and final pieces are sent to the messenger that was initially used to request a commission.
4. REDOING any piece of the commission beyond the sketch approval, or completely redoing the piece would require additional payment.
Passed the sketch phase : +20%
REDO the entire piece : + 50% of total of the final payment.
RUSH SERVICES would increase the final cost (please speak with me directly for pricing)

5. If you say yes to being 18+ for an NSFW commission, then you are agreeing that you're over 18 and I take no responsibility for anything and beyond. If I find out there is a violation of terms, you are not eligible for a refund and your commission will be voided and cancelled.6. If you post or use the commission anywhere, please credit me at my Twitter @ MachoPiika7. I reserve the rights to all my artwork. Please respect that.